Hey, internet people :) My name is Bartosz and I consider myself an artist.
Since the first time I saw a computer on TV in the 1980's I had a strong intuition my future would be somehow revolving around working with these marvelous machines and that is what later in fact happened. Like for many of us computer geeks, for me it all started with games, which turned out to be not only a source of fun but more importantly, a great inspiration to create art. 
From 8bit cuteness of Dizzy, through 16bit originality of The Secret of the Monkey Island, to modern masterpieces like Fallout, Half-Life, or Borderlands I was always and still am absolutely amazed by the possibility of creating artificial worlds that appeal to our sense of wonder, adventure and our curious spirit. There aren't many things that move my heart stronger than thoughtfully crafted virtual spaces of modern games and oftentimes I find myself not much engaging in game's mechanics, but simply marveling over the consistency, beauty and believability of those exotic places that game creators crafted with such passion, dedication and skill. Many times in my professional career I've been charged with creating elements or even totality of such artificial worlds and the process was even more joyful and fulfilling.
Philosophically, I would say that in making games, we - their creators - enter the realm of gods. Want to design a universe? A planet? A city? A dungeon? Well, we can, and so we do :) This stuff rocks, man!
Moving down to earth a little, for the people who are more inclined to know the raw facts of my career I can provide a few bullet points for the sake of brevity:
-Active participant of Amiga Scene in the 1990's as a pixel artist
-Student of Architecture and Urban Planning
-Illustrator and animator creating educational games in Young Digital Planet
-Freelancer doing all kinds of more or less silly things for interwebs
-Lead artist and Art Director at Game Factory
-Remote Illustrator, Animator and Art Direction consultant for Mega Zebra
-Happy recipient of the beneficial effects of the much praised practice of Gap Year
-Presently working on various projects in the mobile gaming industry
 I'm interested mostly in creating backgrounds and environment assets, but I still do enjoy animating every once in a while.
That's me. Now I'm curious about you and your project. Got a job for an artist, or a consultant?  Give me a shout!
Bartosz Roczniak

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